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A Tribute by Sue Eden

who wrote this poem about Agur Lake Camp to present to her Rotary Club - May 2011

My Rotary Moment ... Ask Yourself ..

What could we do
If we all did our bit?
If we all worked together
To make the parts fit.
Could we put a big smile
On a “special needs” child?
While exploring the trails-
Out there in the wild.
Could we build a strong path
From our hearts to theirs?
Could we make it all happen
And show Rotary Cares!
So children that couldn’t 
Are children that do-
They’ll experience so much
Thanks to all of you...
The feel of the breeze
Crisp and cool on their cheeks
The sensational sight
As the sun gently peeks...
Over the hilltops
To start a new day-
With each new adventure
They’ll long just to stay.
More birds to hear singing
More wildlife to see...
A place to explore
And a place...just to be.
In this ongoing adventure
The memories will stamp-
A lasting impression
Of their fun days at “Camp”
We can all make a difference
If each, every one-
Will give it some effort
Until the jobs done!
Can we all work together
To make this dream come true?
We’ll have to believe
But it’s up to you ...