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An e-mail from Monica Ewert (July 2014)

I just wanted you to say we had a fantastic time at Agur Lake Camp. My two teenage boys and my parents really enjoyed our visit. We especially enjoyed the hosts that you have there this year. Dee and Gordon are fantastic people and truly fun to be around.

They were so helpful and accommodating it truly made our camp. The facility is amazing and so peaceful and relaxing. My father hasn’t been able to fish in years since he started having problems with his diabetes and has lost the feeling in his hands and feet. He was smiling the whole weekend and we are already talking about coming again. One thing we thought of is that there are so many beautiful wild flowers that it would be great to have a laminated sheet with all the pictures and names of the flowers that you can walk the trails and try to find them all. My 17 year old tried to get photos of all the flowers and we will try to find the names of them and will send them to you. It would just be something fun to do to pass the time or to send kids on a scavenger hunt to try and find them all. Anyways it is a great place with great hosts and a really fun place to visit.


PS – I asked my two teenage boys if they missed their TV, computers and IPod and they said no they loved being in nature and just relaxing and taking it all in. True success of camping."

Brayden's Letter

To: Agur Lake Camp

Agur Lake was one of the best trips I did with my grandparents! How beautiful the place was and the view was breath taking! The cabins where huge and comfy. It was truly a walk with nature! The host staff up at the cabins where very friendly and helpful. They helped us out if we needed anything, any time of day. It felt like a home away from home. It was the real deal when it comes to “electronic free”.

They had a golf cart so my grandpa and I could go fishing at the dock. The cart was also helpful with bringing him to the camp fire and to go on a little ride through the nature trails. Although we didn’t catch any fish we sure had fun out on the dock, rain or shine. My grandpa enjoyed sitting on the deck and watching the humming birds fly by and drink from the feeders. Overall it was a great trip and I hope to go again!

This camp was a really special place where my grandparents could feel that they were a part of a camping trip with us. They could be out in nature and not have to worry about any of my grandfather’s disabilities because the camp had everything he needed. Thanks for being such a great place for people or all ages and disabilities.

Brayden Ewert

Jordon's Letter

Dear Agur Lake:

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my stay this summer. I love getting away from the time consuming technologies in our live and just sit, relax, draw, and hang out with my grandparents. I enjoyed being able to ride down to the dock with my grandpa and fish. Usually most fishing areas aren’t accessible to my grandfather, but he and I appreciate that yours was. I enjoyed the cabins very much. Usually when camping the beds are not the most comfortable, but I found yours very easy to sleep on. I loved the design of the interior of the cabin. Our whole family enjoyed watching the hundreds of hummingbirds fly back and forth from feeder to feeder. The staffs were amazing. I think that once this camp is more well known by people with disabilities, it will be a must see. I think they are going to need some more cabins, and maybe even some more help. This is an amazing camp ground for people who are physically or mentally disabled. Somewhere they can go and get away from it all, do things they usually could not do, and be with other people who understand how they operate. I am considering volunteering to help Agur Lake when it needs help whether by donation of supplies or helping build new structures for the camp. Thank you for letting us stay at your wonderful camp. I look forward to going there again and having another great fishing trip with my grandfather.


Jordan Ewert

Monica's Letter

To: Agur Lake

We had the privilege of spending a weekend out at Agur Lake Camp and have to tell you it was an amazing weekend. We had heard about the camp from the KVR Train fundraiser and had to check it out. After the fundraiser we just happened to speak to the right people and they escorted us up to the camp to see it for ourselves. What an incredible place it is. Still under construction but an amazing site. The hosts showed us the two finished cabins and we were so impressed. They are so spacious and really cover all the bases on everything you could possibly need on a trip away. My father who has mobility issues and diabetes, loved it so much we booked a weekend right away when we got home. He has always loved the outdoors and hasn’t been able to get out much for years. When I saw how his face lit up I knew that this was something special. My seventeen year old son who has PDDNOS, ADHD and JRA (arthritis) was amazed at what volunteers had built for people like him and his grandfather to enjoy. He right away wanted to volunteer his time so that he could help the camp grow and help build more cabins because he thought this is an amazing place. I had never seen such a spark in his eye where he wanted to come and help out in a project like this. Unfortunately it didn’t work out for him to help out this year but we are looking into it for next year. Finally the weekend came for us to go there and hang out and what a fantastic weekend it was. Even though the fish weren’t biting we had the time of our lives. I think we tried 5 times to catch fish but they just didn’t like what we were offering. The camp host even went into town to get us some flies for fishing but no such luck...I think it was because of the weather. Anyways we spent many hours outside going on the nature trails, having a camp fire and barbecuing that it just felt like the perfect getaway. The nights were spent playing games around the large kitchen table and hanging out with grandma and grandpa. You couldn’t ask for a more peaceful get away where everyone could just relax and be themselves and no disability to stop you from doing any of the typical camping things. It was just a really fun place, away from the city and the electronic devices and just time for you to spend with nature.

We are involved with some groups in Kelowna for kids with Autism and have shared what a great place this is and they are planning to check it out. A lot of the kids in this group can’t handle staying overnight yet but would love the chance to get out in to nature and have a campfire. We told them that this is a great place to get their feet wet in the camping experience and that it is a safe place for them to come to. I know that there are a lot more groups that need a place like this, where people with all different kinds of disabilities can come to try out camping so Thank-you for creating such an awesome place. Please keep up the great work that you do at Agur Lake Camp and keep your vision alive of making a place for everyone to come to and enjoy nature no matter what their disability. Thanks again for being a part of the great memories that we made that weekend with my boys and my parents. It was a fun time had by all from teenagers to seniors.

Sincerely yours,

Monica Ewert