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An email from Hilda Albrecht of Kelowna (Summer 2014)

I would just like you to know how much we have enjoyed Agur Lake Camp this year and how important it is to people with disabilities. This past spring we had the opportunity to visit Agur lake to see if it was a place that we could go to as a family to experience camping and fishing again…..and it was.

My husband (77 years old) has diabetes and a mobility issue where he needs a walker and now since our visit needs a wheelchair. My husband was an avid fisherman all his life and loved to go fishing with his grandsons but hasn’t been able to do that for years. He doesn’t get out much to enjoy the great outdoors anymore and this makes him sad and at times depressed. Our daughter heard about Agur Lake and thought that this could be a good fit for us. After visiting the camp one day we decided to book a weekend getaway where we could hang out as a family, BBQ, and have camp fires and go fishing. We had an amazing time and my husband smiled the whole weekend and just loved being able to go fishing again with his grandsons.

Agur Lake is beautiful, a real special spot with two great cabins that are amazing for people with any type of disability but that’s the problem there are only two cabins. It would be amazing if there were more cabins so that larger families could come out and have the same kind of experience. It would be nice if there were more cabins so that groups of people with disabilities could come there to enjoy the camps beauty and just relax and get away from what people with disabilities have to face each day.

After our weekend my husband right away wanted to book again so that he would have something to look forward to. He is already planning his trip for next year and this time wants to stay even longer and hopes to bring all of his grandsons along. This place has done a world of good for him and for all of us and we feel so blessed to have this so close to where we live. This Camp is really special to people with disabilities and what it does for them. We look forward to going again and enjoying all that this special place has to offer.

Please consider giving this camp some grant money so that they can add more cabins. It is a camp that is so needed for the disabled community in BC.

Sincerely, Hilda Albrecht,