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A Tribute by Keith Dixon

who was an ALCS Director and also has extensive experience with organizations for people with disabilities. He has a sixty year love/hate relationship with a pair of crutches because of polio.

A Tribute by Amanda Lewis

who sat on the Board as a Director involved in the development of the camp and she also sits in a wheelchair experiencing what the camp has to offer its guests.

A Tribute by Sue Eden

who wrote this poem about Agur Lake Camp to present to her Rotary Club - May 2011

My Rotary Moment ... Ask Yourself ..

A Tribute by Mary Stratham (July 2013)

I love going camping. Tents, trailers, cabins; they all put me in the woods. But camping with a disability can be especially challenging. I tend to go only with people I really trust to understand my limitations (and who don’t mind leading me to the bathroom at three in the morning). For people in wheelchairs, camping can be so much less a family affair than it otherwise would be. There are special camps for people with special needs, but how does that work for a family? Agur Lake Camp is addressing that question admirably. This camp is devoted to the idea of inclusion, to making a place where families can camp together and enjoy the outdoors together.

An e-mail from Monica Ewert (July 2014)

I just wanted you to say we had a fantastic time at Agur Lake Camp. My two teenage boys and my parents really enjoyed our visit. We especially enjoyed the hosts that you have there this year. Dee and Gordon are fantastic people and truly fun to be around.

An email from Hilda Albrecht of Kelowna (Summer 2014)

I would just like you to know how much we have enjoyed Agur Lake Camp this year and how important it is to people with disabilities. This past spring we had the opportunity to visit Agur lake to see if it was a place that we could go to as a family to experience camping and fishing again…..and it was.